Collection: REDARC

Based in South Australia, REDARC has 40 years’ experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products, inverters, power supplies, battery chargers, brake controllers and trailer braking products.

In 2015, REDARC acquired Hummingbird Electronics. Hummingbird is renowned for their bespoke product development, unparalleled specialist knowledge and importantly for quality customer service. REDARC and Hummingbird are highly complementary with comprehensive product portfolios, industry-leading technological and innovative excellence together with outstanding staff.

37 products
  • BA6000 - Redarc Breaksafe Trailer Breakaway Controller REDARC
  • BCDC1225D - Dual Input 25A In-Vehicle DC Battery Charger REDARC
  • BCDC1240D - Battery charger - 3 stage 40A 9V-32V in, 12V out (nominal)/solar regul REDARC
  • BCDC1250D - Battery Charger DC To DC 50A REDARC
  • BCDCMB-001 - Toyota 200 Series LandCruiser BCDC Mounting Bracket REDARC
  • BCDCMB-002 - Toyota 70 Series LandCruiser BCDC Mounting Bracket REDARC
  • BCDCMB-003 - Toyota Prado 150 Series BCDC Mounting Bracket REDARC
  • BCDCMB-004 - Toyota Hilux 05-15 BCDC Mounting Bracket REDARC
  • BCDCMB-005 - Toyota Hilux 10/15 onward BCDC Mounting Bracket REDARC
  • BCDCMB-006 - Isuzu D-Max and Holden Colorado 10/15 onward BCDC Mounting Bracket REDARC
  • CBK30-EB - Circuit Breaker kit to suit Tow-Pro Elite and Tow-Pro Classic REDARC
  • R-12-1000RS - Inverter - pure sine wave - 12V 1000W REDARC
  • R-12-1500RS - Inverter - pure sine wave - 12V 1500W REDARC
  • R-12-2000RS2 - 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter REDARC
  • R-12-3000RS - Inverter - pure sine wave - 12V 3000W REDARC