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A few Shirts and Coolers to keep you looking good and your beer cold!
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  • 15L Under Tray Hand Wash Tank with Tap - (345 xæ 255 x 305mm) IWT008
  • 500ml Gritty Hand Wash (RRP only) IHCLEAN
  • 50L Cargo Bag ICARGOBAG001
  • 65L Explorer Duffle Bag IDUFBAG001
  • Black Ironman 4x4 Cap CAP001
  • Ironman 4x4 Bank Cap - Flat Peak Grey CAP003
  • Ironman 4x4 Bottle Opener Key Rings KEY002
  • Ironman 4x4 Breezy Cap - Curve Peak Black CAP002
  • Ironman 4x4 Key Rings KEY001
  • Ironman 4x4 Metal Drink Bottle - Grey with Foam Cell Pro Logo IBOTTLE002
  • Ironman 4x4 Metal Drink Bottle - Silver with Ironman 4x4 Logo IBOTTLE001
  • Ironman 4x4 Numberplate Surrounds - Slimline Fit (Pair) INUMBPLATESLIM
  • Ironman 4x4 Numberplate Surrounds - Standard Fit (Pair) INUMBPLATE
  • Ironman 4x4 Stubby Holder CAN001
  • Oil Skin Capricorn Vest - Size L IMCAPRIBN06