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Airbag Man, Asia Pacific’s & UAE’s Leaders in Designing & Manufacturing Airbags & Air Suspension since 1995.

We are a proudly Australian owned & operated family business established in 1995 by CEO & Managing Director Richard Clamp, representing world renowned companies such as Firestone & Dunlop for the core product we offer AIRBAGS or AIR SPRINGS.

The Airbag Man brand has been instrumental over the past 20 years designing & manufacturing unique high-quality air suspension systems to suit hundreds of vehicle types in the automotive industry from light passenger to heavy transport as well as industrial & agricultural applications.

Richard says, “We are Australia’s leading distributors for world renowned Air Spring Manufacturers Firestone and Dunlop so we only use the best Airbags in our Air Suspension Kits.”

Airbag Man has revolutionised the vehicle suspension industry allowing vehicles to carry load and tow more safely.

As a company we are well proven in working with large or small manufacturers or individuals on projects to incorporate airbags as actuators or vibration isolators. Our knowledgeable & prompt engineering department can help you bring your idea to fruition - we love helping our clients find the perfect solution & not to mention, WE LOVE BAGGING THINGS!

Airbags have many advantages when dealing with actuation & vibration isolation. Richard says, “Specialising in the use of these fantastic products has been interesting & challenging working with design engineers from many different sectors including diverse applications such as film special effects.”

There are a lot of reasons why Airbag Man has been the one-stop destination for quality air suspension, and one of the best air suspension manufacturers that excels in supplying unique products and distributing all over the globe.

Airbag Man’s suspension products are well proven in Australia’s harsh off road conditions with thousands of satisfied users for over 20 years.

Richard says, “We can confidently say we were the first in the world to put a Nissan Patrol 4x4 on full air suspension -  as well as the first caravan. We pride ourselves on producing well designed & easy to install air suspension products globally - just like we pride ourselves in operating under the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards for over 10 years now.

Our aim is to continuously improve our products & service & respect all people & organisations we deal with. It is this point I have to mention the awesome staff at Airbag Man who buy into the company philosophy completely. When you deal with us, you know your backed by a team of specialists”

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